October 25, 2023 9:00 AM
300 EUR
Renaissance Fort Lauderdale Marina Hotel

4th Super Yacht Americas

We are pleased to announce the 4th Super Yacht Americas 2023 by Mare Forum to be held on Wednesday, 25 October 2023 at the Renaissance Fort Lauderdale Marina Hotel, following Lunch hosted by the Cayman Registry. We look forward to welcoming you to Fort Lauderdale... [scroll down]


The 4th Super Yacht Americas 2023 is organized by MareForum and supported by our leading partner, Cayman Registry.

In this symposium, the transfer of knowledge and exchange of thoughts and ideas accompanied by good wine will occur. It will be attended by yacht owners, yacht builders, executives from the yacht, shipping and maritime industries, lawyers, flag and port states representatives, brokerage companies, key investors in yachting, bankers, consultants and entrepreneurs, classification societies, marine and yachting equipment manufacturers, financial institutions, regulators, politicians and the media.

This prestigious gathering is to exchange views, visions and valuable information on the yachting future, making this forum another imperative and meaningful event.

It will be inspiring - Be there.

P R O G R A M 

[The list of panellists and the program will be published soon. Stay tuned.]


Opening and welcome
Conference Chairman
Keynote Speaker(s)


Billions to invest - the Super Yacht (green) market outlook

- Global Economy, wars, wellness.
- What is the market outlook for (green) super yachts? The green order book,
- What are the new Owners’ expectations and yachting trends?
- What is the future of the charter market?

- Will we see continuing growth in the use of chase boats?
- Investing and financing the super yachts.


Session 2

The Exciting New Yachting Trends in Sight

- What are the future trends?
- How will artificial intelligence affect the yachting industry - pros and contras - Who are the 2050 Super yacht Pioneers and first movers?
- What is the trend of super-yacht marinas in the era of sustainability to accommodate (green) super yachts? What are the imperatives?=
- The increased presence of top players in the hotel and cruise industry entering in the luxury yachting industry with new concepts and new buildings -threats and opportunities.
- What is the next hot destination, home port or refit facility and what services will be expected?
- Will we see more drones, submersibles or helicopters?

- Integration of yacht and villa or other assets?
- Integration of management services, cooperation and integration of yacht, family office and service providers?
- How the yachting sector can become more mature and more structured in the operation, recruiting and training of seafarers aligning more to the shipping and cruise industry.

Session 3

Synergy needed!
How regulations become better balanced with market realities.Imperatives

- What are the new owners’ regulatory expectations and yachting trends?
- What are the regulatory requirements of the Superyacht Pioneers and first movers?
- Can the regulators follow the speed of the decarbonization first movers with effective regulations?
- How can the “yachting” flag states and class societies fulfil the need for better regulations?    
- Is regional regulation a bad thing in the meantime?
- What is the future of regulations, legal issues and financing the yachting industry?

- Will yachts be operated differently?
- What are the REG yacht code pros and contras?

- The image of the industry, social media threat and training, how the yacht cluster can have one voice internationally?


Conclusions and recommendations


Lunch hosted by the Cayman Registry


Speakers & Panelists

To be announced - stay tuned

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